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Secrets of the mind

  Welcome to the secrets of the mind Click the button to open a new browser window. Play Soothing water music Play 852Hz + 639Hz Miracle Tones and Balance Align Heart Chakra, Activate Pineal Gland and Open Third Eye  This Site is all about the moment your shaping with art and mind over matter! It's a simple self explanatory idea from Atlantis Channelings as its also just a listing! Just look at my articles page which list the idea, some from Atlantis, in documents on some mental 'gray' magick. Gray magic is the magic of white magic, that is healing and positive magic, and black magic or hidden dark arts such as curses and hexes. There is ceremonial magic/k as well. Finally, there is some other stuff for all to see at my Main page1  and Main page2 , This is the mirror page (Which can be down sometimes) with another mirror page 2 here . This grey magic is the ideal situation, that is using what you think as this point is the mind ideal that you correct with so yo

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